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Here's the list (obviously not in alphabetical order, do yourself a favor & scroll down till the end)
of the greek (or the ones including greek bands) vinyls we distribute. 
Attention; here we are gonna upload only the VINYL releases, for CDs or even tapes of greek bands
just check the regular Distro section.

Screaming Victims Records
amazing thrash metal w/ a crossover touch
11 euros
MY TURN 'Athens' LP
MT Records
melodic hardcore / punk
8 euros
ΧΑΤ ΤΡΙΚ 'Η μουσική του διαβόλου' LP
Eye 5 | Dr. Skin
melodic punk rock from Salonica
10 euros
ΜΑΣΤΙΓΑ / ΚΑΤΑΔΙΚΗ / REALIST 'Η τιμή της σιωπής' LP
compilation of songs of these legendary hardcore bands
10 euros
ΑΝΤΙΔΡΑΣΗ 'Παντού και πουθενά' LP
Floga Records
punk / hardcore re-issue in vinyl
11 euros
World's Appreciated Kitsch | Eye 5 | We Don't Fight It
crust / d-beat / hardcore holocaust
4 euros
THE SMOKING BARRELS 'Unfinished business' 7"
Barrel Army
ska / 2-tone
5 euros
BMW ROCKERS 57 's/t' 7"
trash rock 'n' roll at its best
5 euros
7 Degrees Records
this is a masterpiece of extreme music, don't miss it
5 euros
ΓΚΡΟΒΕΡ 'Γέννημα θρέμμα' LP + CD
Wipe Out Records | Labyrinth Of Thoughts
new record by one of the best greek bands
15 euros
TERRORDROME 'Seeds of fear, begotten' 7"
Noise Effect | Floga | Sevared
technical death metal
5 euros
BAD MOVIES 'Behind the world' LP
Noise Effect Records
Salonica punk rock
11 euros
MORTAL THREAT 'Psychotic paralysis'
Weird Face Productions
old school thrash metal, influenced by punk / hc
12 euros (ltd. to 250 copies)
ΝΤΕΛΙΡΙΟ 'Έξω φρενών' LP
World's Appreciated Kitsch | Noise Effect
street rock / punk rock
11 euros
MY TURN 'Dead weight' 7"
Anchored Records | Scarecrow
hardcore / punk
5 euros
ERA OF FEAR 's/t' 7"
Liquid Bass | Eye 5 Records
amazing dark / post-punk
5 euros
NECROCHAKAL / TERRORIST 'Black thrash invasion' 7"
Weird Face | Metal Throne
black thrash invasion, that's all
5 euros (ltd. to 300 hand-numbered copies)

I WANT THE MOON 'Downfall' 10"
90s hardcore / metal
10 euros
ALECTO 'Minyma' 7"
World's Appreciated Kitsch Records
rocking hardcore / punk
5 euros
STRESS 'Ήχος της ανασφάλειας' LP
B-Other Side Records
repress of one of the most legendary punk records ever
14 euros
DEVISER 'Unspeakable cults' LP
Floga Records
re-issue of one of the best black metal records in Greece
12 euros
THE RAINDOGS! 'Return of the six' LP
The Lab Records
nice blend of ska / reggae / rock / punk
13 euros
PROGRESS OF INHUMANITY 'Economy extortion' 7"
Noise Effect Records
fast grind-core
5 euros

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