-New CDs-

18 MILES 'Darker times'
Perspective Records
Metallic hardcore from The Netherlands; this is their sophomore album.
If you dig bands like The Ghost Inside, this is definitely for you.
-6 euros-

Holy Roar Records
This is fucking heavy shit; slow, thick & sludgy.
-7 euros-

HANG THE BASTARD 'Hellfire reign'
Holy Roar Records
Fans of Integrity, Ringworm, Slayer, Electric Wizard & Eyehategod
get this, put it on your stereo and mosh like there's no tomorrow.
-5 euros-

INJUSTICE SYSTEM 'No justice, no peace'

Resisto Luego Existo Records
Old NY influenced hardcore from Castellon, Spain.
Fans of Sick Of It All, Shutdown & Slapshot don't miss 'em.
-5 euros-


Goodwill Records
One of the best european straight edge hardcore records ever.
-7 euros-

RISE FROM THE AGONY 'Shadows and ghosts'

Epidemic Records | PPH Records
Furious yet melodic hardcore from Rome / Italy.
Fans of Strife, Ensign and even Tragedy check this out.
-5 euros-

RUNNING OUT 'Rather be in hell' MCD
Perspective Records
Brand new band from Brabant area, The Netherlands.
4 songs (+ intro) in the vein of Backtrack, No Warning, No Turning Back.
-4 euros-

-New fanzines-

HUMBA issue 11
This is the one and only publication in Greece that is focused on the social
and political aspects of sports. A must reading if you can speak Greek.
76 pages full of articles, interviews, and more.
-3 euros-

-New tapes-

OUTBOUND 'Demo 2011' 
Ratel Records
Amazing XVX metallic hardcore straight out of Poland.
Fans of Integrity, Liar & All Out War.
Black tape ltd. to 125 copies.
-3 euros-

-New 7"s-

ALONE 'Kiss dreams goodbye' *
Refoundation Records
Melodic hardcore a la Turning Point & Dag Nasty. 

ASHES 'Cursed' **
Perspective Records
Fresh & young hardcore band from Belgium. 
For fans of Terror & No Turning Back. 

Refoundation | Raining Cats | Mahogany
Awesome split for fans of 90s emo / punk rock / indie.

DISAPPROVAL 'El monte youth authority' *
Juggernaut Records
Amazing heavy, in your face hardcore from El Monte, California.
For fans of Think I Care and the likes. 

Commitment Records
Melodic & powerful straight edge, youth crew hardcore from The Netherlands.
Released back in 2001. 

Holy Roar Records
Fast, heavy hardcore / powerviolence / sludge / d-beat mayhem.
Gatefold packaging, 3 copies in stock. Hurry up.

Anchored Records
This is the new breed of German hardcore.
Ghostwriter (Berlin) are one of the best melodic hardcore bands in Germany
nowadays while Abyss A.D. (Munich) are a great metallic hardcore act.

Secret Voice Records
All star modern heavy yet fast hardcore band from The States.
Feat. (ex-) members of bands like Touche Amore, The Hope Conspiracy,
Against Me, The Suicide File & Trap Them. Already hyped.

JUST DIE! 'Since the day we were born' *
Goodwill Records
Melodic yet fast hardcore from The States.
For fans of Comeback Kid & Bane.

Raining Cats Records
Amazing melodic hardcore from Italy.
For fans of Shook Ones, Lifetime & Kid Dynamite.
Ltd. to 100 copies; sold out everywhere else

OUTBOUND 'Far away' **
Reborn | Compromise Zero | Too Many Skulls Records
New school vegan straight edge hardcore from Poland.

OVERPOWER 'Run with the pack' **
Hardware Records
Amazing japcore for fans of Burial, Idiots Rule & Deathside.

STRENGTH APPROACH 'Roma hardcore state of mind' ***
Destroy Your World
Brand new picture disc 7" by the Roma hardcore legends.
Feat. guest vocals by Craig Sick Of It All, plus a Growing Concern cover.

Goodwill Records
Awesome split back from the vault; released in 2008.
VI from Italy team up with AHM from The States.
Old school hardcore versus USHC a la Modern Life Is War.

Juggernaut Records
Jacob Bannon's (Converge) personal project vs Ben Chisholm's (Chelsea Wolfe)
hallucinogenic / avant-garde act. For fans of Swans, Killing Joke & Pink Floyd.

* 4 euros
** 5 euros
*** 6 euros


108 '18.61' CD
Deathwish Inc.

90s hardcore played by the pioneers of style.
For fans of Strife, Undertow, Inside Out.

The price you pay: 8

ABBEY OV THELEMA 'A fragment ov the great work' CD
Sonic Temple Records

Quoting the band, Abbey Ov Thelema is a 
'transcedental khaoblack metal' band from Slovakia.
That means a concept yet epic black metal record consisting of
8 songs fueled with occultism, aggressive rhythms and mystical /
esoteric lyrics.
For fans of Enslaved, Arcturus, Ulver.

The price you pay: 7

Acid Tiger 's/t' CD
Deathwish Inc.

Brooklyn based progressive rock / punk / metal hybrid
feat. members of Converge, United Nations & Thursday.
For fans of Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Murder City Devils.

The price you pay: 8

Amalthea 'The world ends with you' LP
Moment Of Collapse Records

Post metal from Sweden.
One sided 12" / engraved clear vinyl, limited to 400.
For fans of Cult Of Luna, This Will Destroy You.

The price you pay: 10

World's Appreciated Kitsch Records

Athens punk rock combo releases its first MCD.
5 songs of melodic yet technical 90s skate punk rock 
with a strong touch of modern emo punk rock.
Slim paper case / insert included.
For fans of Propagandhi, Off With Their Heads, Avail.

The price you pay: 3
Bandage 's/t' MCD

Melodic So-Cal punk rock from Athens, Greece.
For fans of NOFX, Bad Religion and NUFAN.

The price you pay: 5
Moment Of Collapse | React With Protest | Parade Of Spectres + more DIY labels

US's finest screamo band (feat. Loma Prieta members) team
up with Republic Of Dreams from Germany / Poland and
deliver this insane split 7".
Nervous, violent, break necking hardcore fueled with emotions.
For fans of Raein, Loma Prieta, Funeral Diner. 

The price you pay: 5
BELOW THE BOTTOM 'Self-defined' demo CDR

Beatdown hardcore straight from Heraclion, Crete.
4 songs extremely tight and well played of brutal, heavy,
metallic hardcore, w/ the highlight being the one with
the guest rap vocals.
Nice artwork & sticker included.
For fans of First Blood, Bulldoze, Biohazard.

The price you pay: 3

Bernay's Propaganda 'My personal holiday' CD
HA-KO Bastard | PMG

Disco influenced punk from Macedonia.
For fans of Gang Of Four, Fugazi & LCD Soundsystem.

The price you pay: 5

BETTER TIMES 'Better measures' 7"
Commitment Records

Straight edge hardcore straight out of Buffalo, NY.
Feat. ex-members of Our Time.
5 fast yet groovy songs of modern youth crew.
For fans of Floorpunch, Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits.

The price you pay: 5

Black Everest 'demo' 7"
Moment Of Collapse | Shove

Hardcore, screamo, post-rock and crust from Germany.
For fans of Loma Prieta, Alpinist and Beau Navire.

The price you pay: 4

BLEAK REALITY 'Burden of shame' 7"
Anger Battery Records

Hardcore attack from UK.
Brand new 7" feat. 5 songs of modern heavy hardcore
full of breakdowns, mid tempo parts & sharp riffs.
For fans of No Turning Back, Backtrack, Warhound.

The price you pay: 5

Farce Attack | Yellow Dog | Carpath Bears | Destroy It Yourself

Amazing in your face hardcore / punk split from those
Slovakian and Portuguese punks (they are doing a cover of
Straight Edge interpreted as Skate Edge, damn!).
Fast and furious, metal free 80s hardcore.
Grab your skateboard and wreck some concrete.
For fans of SSD, A.N.S., Vitamin X, Minor Threat.

The price you pay: 5

(THE) BRIDGE '...Between' 7"
Farewell Records

Great hardcore from Serbia, feat. ex-members of Hitman,
Deadrise, Jain & Empty.
4 songs of modern yet based in the old school scene 
melodic hardcore / punk music.
For fans of Sick Of It All, Raised Fist, Comeback Kid.

The price you pay: 5

Chambers 's/t' LP
Shove | Arctic Radar

Epic screamo from Italy feat. former members of
Violent Breakfast. Awesome artwork included.
For fans of Raein and Snapcase.

The price you pay: 9


Great fanzine from Austria.
32 A4 pages printed in illustrated paper.
Feat. Mind Trap, Witch Cult, Beartrap, Full Of Hell, Grieved, The Long Haul, Worship Records, Vales, Alphabet / No Omega tour diary & more.
For fans of fanzines & hardcore.

The price you pay: 3

COLLINA 'Old punk should die' 7"
Ratel | Bad Look

This is the farewell 7" of this Poland band.
4 new yet old school hardcore songs plus a Last Rites 
cover for all the bad skinheads and other scumbags of society.
For fans of Slumlords, Slapshot, Agnostic Front
4-pages newsletter, download code & sticker included.

The price you pay: 5

CONFLICTO URBANO 'Desafio del miedo' CD
Fast Kids Crew | Vegan Records | SP Discos | Seven Eight Life
Step Down | Entes Anomicos | Die For This

Decent heavy brutal / beatdown hardcore straight outta
Lima, Peru. 
11 songs fueled with heavy riffs, groovy parts and breakdowns.
Great artwork included.
For fans of Nasty, Confronto, 100 Demons. 

The price you pay: 7

CRUSH 'We grew up' CS
Slow It Down Records

Brand new straight edge hardcore band from
Pomona, California.
Light blue tape.
For fans of Judge, Bold and the likes.

The price you pay: 3.5

Commitment Records

All-star straight edge 3-way split.
xCurraheex (R.I.P.) from UK team up with Philippines'
legendary sXe band xUnforcex and Florida's Truth Inside.
8 songs in total / 6-pages insert with awesome artwork.
Yellow vinyl, limited to 200 copies.
For fans of Ten Yards Fight, Chain Of Strength, Insted.

The price you pay: 5

DAYDREAM 's/t' 7"
Elephant Skin | Hidden Rainbows | Caustic

Amazing new hardcore band from Praha, Czech Rep.
Representing the music & the spirit of 90s XXX hardcore.
For fans of Outspoken, Strife, Undertow.

The price you pay: 5
Deadverse 'Caution to the wind' LP
Take It Back | Adagio 830

11 passionate & emotive songs from this 90s emo hardcore
band from Switzerland.
For fans of Rites Of Spring, The Wipers, Jawbreaker.

The price you pay: 11

Communication Is Not Words | Sieve And Sand

Great screamo / crust / hardcore split between Paris' DM
(feat. members of Amanda Woodward & Ravi among others)
and Caen's BB (feat. members of Aussitot Mort and more).
13 songs of furious yet emotional hardcore / crust.
For fans of Victims, Burning Love, Birds In Row.

The price you pay: 10
Blindead Productions | SMRT Records | D-Takt & Rapunk

This is by far our favorite Swedish fanzine of the last months.
32 pages, A5 size, great artwork / print.
Interviews w/ Honnor SS, Terrible Feelings, Peroxide,
Tatuerade, Snutkukar, Vaarallinen. Plus columns & more.
For fans of Scandinavian punk / hardcore & fanzines.

The price you pay: 2

GAB DE LA VEGA 'Death on the self' 7"
Alliance | Annoying | Fatboy Don't Cry | Aim Down Sight

Political acoustic punk rock with a lot of vegan / straight edge
references by The Smashrooms' guitarist / vocalist.
2 songs (1 of them is a Bad Religion '1000 more fools' cover)
of heartfelt yet emotional music.
For fans of True Nature and Tony Sly.

The price you pay: 4

Gods And Queens 'Untitled I' LP
Adagio 830 | Robotic Empire

Post-hardcore with indie influences.
For fans of Snapcase and Quicksand.
Ltd. to 425 translucent orange vinyls.

The price you pay: 8

Grinding Halt / Diet Pills split 7"
De Graanrepubliek | Adagio 830 | Shove

Great hardcore / grind / 90s mosh Dutch / UK split
Grinding Halt feat. ex- Shikari, Last Mile dudes.
For fans of Dystopia, Rorschach, Born Against.

The price you pay: 4

GRITO 'Resistiendo al silencio' CD
Sin Fronteras Discos | Varsity | GB Records | SP Discos

Forget your ultra spoiled hardcore bands from US of A
and Europe. Here's pure South American hardcore active
since 1999; Grito from Bogota, Colombia.
11 songs of modern straight edge hardcore.
For fans of: Bane, Have Heart, Comeback Kid.

The price you pay: 7

HARDFACED 'Show them what they fear' CD

Great metal / hardcore from Ohrid.
9 songs fueled with double-pedal drumming, furious guitar
riffs, 2 vocals, mosh parts and break downs.
8 pages booklet included.
For fans of Stampin' Ground, Heaven Shall Burn, Darkest Hour.

The price you pay: 5
Heatdeath 's/t' LP
Conspiracy Records

Nihilism, romance, violence, grim.
2 songs of black metal, free jazz & electronic composition.
Ltd. to 250 copies.
For fans of Darkthrone & Jesu.

The price you pay: 10

HEDVIKA 'The evidence of absence' CD

New band from Athens, Greece, delivering tunes
the post-rock / metal way.
7 songs - 7 soundscapes - 7 trips to infinity.
For fans of Isis, Fall Of Efrafa, Electric Wizard.

The price you pay: 5

 DHP | Fucking Kill | You Are Not Normal | Crime Chords

Split 10" between 2 of the most active Serbian bands nowadays.
Helltard delivers 6 songs of fast hardcore, grind core, powerviolence,
while The Truth are into more straight forward yet intense hardcore.
All songs in their native language. 
Red vinyl.

The price you pay: 8

Hexis 'Seputus | Fatum' 7"
Black Lake | Gardens | Braincrushing & more

Black metal / post - hardcore / grind core from Denmark.
Pessimistic and intense.
Colored / splatter vinyl.
For fans of Celeste, Thou, Deathspell Omega,

The price you pay: 5

(The) Hollowmen 'Three betrayal toward modern man' 7"
Stomp Records

5 songs of amazing metallic hardcore into the Holy Terror sound.
The Hollowmen are from Tenerife (Spain) and spread out
nihilistic visions of society, religion & politics.
For fans of Integrity, Ringworm, Entombed.

The price you pay: 5

HOLY 's/t' 12"
Farce Attack | Yellow Dog | Carpath Bears | Destroy It Yourself

Holy is one of the most hard-working hardcore bands of Italy
Their debut full length feat. 8 songs of fast hardcore / powerviolence.
Grey marble vinyl, ltd. to 500 copies.
Incl. huge poster & free mp3 download code.
For fans of Trash Talk, Punch, Coke Bust.

The price you pay: 10
(The) Ice 'Touching the void' CD
Countdown Records

Fantastic rocking / mid tempo hardcore from Germany.
Digipack CD with awesome artwork.
For fans of Cro-Mags, Supertouch, late Justice

The price you pay: 7
Images 'V' LP
Phobiact Records

Amazing emo hardcore / punk from Germany,
feat. members of Cave Canem & The Holy Mountain.
For fans of The Wipers, Fugazi, Autistic Youth.

The price you pay: 8

Three Swords Records

Amazing UKHC split CD back from the vault.
That was released in the summer of 2007.
Insurgent was a great female fronted band from
Glasgow, while Get Fucking Dead was Essex's
old school hardcore representatives.
For fans of heavy, harsh & brutal hardcore. 

The price you pay: 5

Parade Of Spectres | React With Protest

Epic, heavy & emotional music from one of the best
screamo bands coming from Germany.
6 songs that will rip out your mind.
For fans of Envy, Funeral Diner, Orchid.

The price you pay: 9

KNOCKOUT 'La calma después de la tormenta' tape
SP Discos | Entes Anomicos

Rosario (Argentina) hardcore combo, active since 2004.
'La calma...' feat. 9 songs of dark 90s metallic hardcore.
Black tape, limited to 50 copies.
For fans of Integrity, Strife, Earth Crisis.

The price you pay: 3

Ratel | The Limit | World's Appreciated Kitsch

Poland's finest hardcore band since ages, LD, team up with
the already established Cornered from Belgium, for a hell of a split.
Vinyl available in purple, green and black.
Incl. insert with a band's interview, sticker & download code.
For fans of No Turning Back, Cro-Mags, Madball.

The price you pay: 5 (all 3 colors for 12)

Leavenworth 'What lies ahead' MCD

Philadelphia's Leavenworth were very active between
2000-2006 and then they broke up.
This MCD includes 3 songs of decent 90s metallic hardcore,
plus 2 covers (Acme, Raised Fist).
For fans of Indecision, Sick Of It All, Mushmouth.

The price you pay: 3

LIGHT IT UP 'Dog days' 7"
Farewell Records

Fucking great heavy yet dark hardcore from Germany.
5 songs full of nihilist hardcore, break downs and metallic riffs.
Incl. mp3 download code.
A must have!
For fans of Rotting Out, Expire, Backtrack.

The price you pay: 5

Magdalene 'Sail with the tide' 12"
Sons Of Vesta Records

Awesome post-rock / post-hardcore from Italy,
delivering an obscure and dark atmosphere.
For fans of Isis, Red Sparowes, Ulver, Pelican.

The price you pay: 11

More Of Myself To Kill 'The insane introduction to 
decadence' CD

MOMTK was an awesome deathcore band from Athens.
This CD was released after their demise and it definitely
deserves your attention.
For fans of Nostromo, Cephalic Carnage, Darkest Hour.

The price you pay: 5

MOUNTZA fanzine #5
self - released

Brand new issue of the best greek punk publication ever.
180 full A4 pages fueled with great interviews, thought - provoking
columns, reviews, art and tons of more.
Stress, Dead Congregation, Frantic Five, Gay Anniversary, The Ropes,
La Vida Es Un Mus, 80s / 90s greek punk discography report +...
For fanzines of punk, hardcore and reading.

The price you pay: 5
My Defense 'Delorean' MCD
World's Appreciated Kitsch | Major Threat

Cologne's (Germany) hardcore dancers are back with an
awesome 8-song CD.
For fans of Murphy's Law, Good Riddance & SOIA.

The price you pay: 5

Take Control Records

The best hardcore record of 2012.
CD available in digipack format.
Do yourself a favor and get this.
For fans of NTB.

The price you pay: 10

Epidemic Records

All star project from Sweden feat. former or current members
of Anchor, Death Is Not Glamorous & Dead Vows.
Screen-printed cover by Nick Steinhardt (Touche Amore's guitarist)
For fans of Rise & Fall, Modern Life Is War.

The price you pay: 5

React With Protest | Apocaplexy | IFB

2 German monoliths team up for this awesome split LP.
Planks are into down tuned heavy doom / black metal,
while Lentic Waters deliver grinding emoviolence with
double-bass frenzy and catchy melodies.
Silver-printed gorgeous artwork.
For fans of Pg.99, La Quiete, Love Lost But Not Forgotten.

The price you pay: 10

Pope's Ass | Phobia | Punx Piknik

DIY hardcore / crust / metal band from Czech Republic.
This is their first 7" including 3 songs fueled with brutality
and metallic riffs. 
Yellow vinyl.
For fans of Hellshock, See You In Hell.

The price you pay: 5

Raindance 'Sold souls' 7"
Epidemic Records

Raindance is the continuation of the awesome band Outrage.
This 7" includes 2 great songs plus a Helmet cover.
For fans of 108, Unbroken and Deftones.
Pressed in white vinyl.

The price you pay: 5
The Raindogs! 'Unleash the six' CD
The Lab Records

The Raindogs! is a very active ska / garage band from
Athens, Greece.
Digipack CD.
For fans of Pietasters, Man Or Astroman, The Peacocks.

The price you pay: 10

Remissions 's/t' 10"
Face Your Gods Records

Great dark hardcore straight out of Finland.
4 songs in a great 10".
For fans of Integrity, Rise & Fall, Ringworm.

The price you pay: 8

Seila Chiara 's/t' 7"
Moment Of Collapse | Communication Is Not Words

When French emo meets post-hardcore.
3 songs completely free of any cliches.
For fans of Amanda Woodward, Amalthea, Raein.

White vinyl ltd. to 275 copies.

The price you pay: 4
Selenites 'Animaltar' 2LP
Moment Of Collapse | Maximum Douglas | Ruin Your Fun

Post-metal with ambient passages from France.
This is definitely a MASTERPIECE.
Black vinyl (yellow print) limited to 400 copies.
D-Side is etched with an awesome screen print.
For fans of Kylesa, Year Of No Light, Neurosis, Amen Ra.

The price you pay: 18

SL-27 's/t' 7"
React With Protest | Mashnote

SL-27 was a great Belgian band that only released this 7".
Expect 9 songs of harsh emoviolence hardcore / punk
mixed with grind core, screamo and math rock.
For fans of Orchid, Combat Wounded Veteran, Mohinder.

The price you pay: 4

State Of Mind 'Knowledge of self' 12"
Take It Back Records

State Of Mind from The Netherlands is one of the few standout
European bands playing groovy NY styled hardcore.
This is their latest opus feat. 6 songs.
For fans of Cro-Mags, Leeway, Breakdown, Helmet.

The price you pay: 10

Storm & Stress 'Sin' MCD
Let It Burn Records

Storm & Stress from Germany released this MCD incl.
7 modern hardcore songs back in 2008.
You better check it out!
For fans of Comeback Kid, Verse, Blacklisted.

The price you pay: 6

World's Appreciated Kitsch Records

This tape includes all the songs that Strength Approach released
between 2010 and 2012. It's WAK041 and we love it!
Pro-printed covers, one to one duplicated tapes.
Limited to 100 colored tapes (25 of each; yellow, pink, orange, blue).
For fans of Madball, Sick Of It All, No Turning Back.

The price you pay: 4

TITAN 'Burn' 2LP
Hypaethral | React With Protest

Metallic leviathan from Toronto, Canada.
2 LPs fueled with post-hardcore, sludge and metal music. 
Philosophical lyrics, amazing 12 pages booklet.
If Nietzsche was a musician he would play in Titan.
For fans of Neurosis, Mastodon, His Hero Is Gone.

The price you pay: 16

Sacred Plague Records

D-beat / brutal crust punk legends Uncurbed team up with one 
of the most active d-beat punk band nowadays, Warvictims. 
16 songs of d-beat / old school crust / rock 'n' roll mayhem.
Available in both black & blue vinyl.
For fans of Extreme Noise Terror, Anticimex, Totalitar.

The price you pay: 11

UNFORCE 'Time for change' CD
xConvictionx | TxGxOx | xThink Positivex | MYO zine & distro

Straight edge hardcore straight out of Philippines.
This band is active for 15 years now.
10 songs in the vein of classic old school style we all like!
Nice artwork incl. 8-page booklet.
For fans of Chain Of Strength, Ten Yard Fight, Shutdown.

The price you pay: 5

Unstrung fanzine

This is a 16 pages fanzine dedicated to the metropolis of Athens.
Amazing abstract drawing / greek language used.
For fans of drawing, comic stuff, fanzines & politics.

The price you pay: 2

V/Α 'Μοναδικές επιτυχίες... σε περίοδο ΚΡΙΣΗΣ!' CD
Underground Union

Compilation feat. punk / hardcore / rockabilly bands 
from all over Greece,
that have participated in the festival or live shows that
Underground Union has hosted in Heraklion, Crete.
Bandage, Oi! Askimoi!, Voodoo Healers, AAS, Green
Goblins, ΡανταΠλάν, Burn The Boredom & 16 more bands.

The price you pay: 4

Rebuild Collective | Studentski Kulturni Centar

Compilation CD from the Rebuild Hardcore Collective,
based in Novi Sad, Serbia.
Featuring 29 songs of bands like Through These Eyes, Dick Cheney, Business As Usual, Reflections Of Internal Rain, Become As One, Vault Of Pain, Furtive Forest, Ground Zero and more.
All hardcore styles included.

The price you pay: 3

V/A 'Very cool & very core' 7"
Ratel Records

Brand new compilation 7" feat. 6 young & promising
hardcore bands from all over Poland.
Last Dayz, Desperate Times, Thug X Life, Reality Check,
Stone Heart & Outbound team up for this great record.
8 pages booklet, poster, download code & stickers included.
For fans of HARDCORE.

The price you pay: 5

VELOZ 's/t' 7"
React With Protest Records

Extreme style fast hardcore straight out of Boston, USA,
fueled with d-beat frenzy and blazing riffs.
Feat. ex-members of Genders & Furnace.
5 songs of intensity.
For fans of Dropdead, Converge, Left For Dead.

The price you pay: 4

VICTIMS 'Neverendinglasting' LP
Farewell Records

Re-release of the 1st Victims record that was released
back in 2000. The edition includes the songs of their first 7"
and their split 7" with Acursed.
In total 23 songs of never-ending d-beat hardcore
For fans of Discharge, Tragedy, Anticimex.

The price you pay: 10

Violent Breakfast 'Nient' altro che tempo' 12"
Shove | Sons Of Vesta | Rimbaud

Suffering screamo / post-metal sound with poetic lyrics by
this legendary band from Italy that existed from 2003 to 2008.
For fans of La Quiete, Envy, Sigur Ros.

The price you pay: 10

We'll Die Smiling 'Avant garde' MCD
Holy Roar Records

4 songs of delightfully aggressive math / screamo from UK.
For fans of Rolo Tomassi, The Dillinger Escape Plan.
Hand screened, hand glued 4 panel card wallet with insert.
Sold out everywhere else!

The price you pay: 5

You Are In My September 'To the open hearts' CD
They Live! | Crime Chords | Road To Freedom

12 songs of amazing chaotic hardcore / screamo from Belarus.
Mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge).
Awesome artwork, digipack packaging.
For fans of Converge, Trap Them, Animosity.

The price you pay: 5

YVONXHE 'De praestigiis daemonium' CD 
Zero Dimensional Records

Black metal from Japan, with thrash / 80s hardcore
and neo-crust references.
For fans of Darkrthrone and Wolves In The Throne Room.

The price you pay: 5

Zero Mentality 'Black rock' CD
Let It Burn Records

This is a masterpiece of metal / rock music.
Zero Mentality dare to expand their sound beyond punk / HC.
10 songs / 10 hymns.
For fans of... Eighteen Visions, Clawfinger, Sentensed.

The price you pay: 5

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