We got a bunch of stuff from Refuse Records (Poland / Germany),
incl. the last The Tangled Lines LP, plus the Coke Bust / Vaccine and
Thug X Life 7"s, along with the amazing Government Flu record.
Moreover, one of the best greek underground labels, also known as
Labyrinth Of Thoughts, is now distributed via UHD.
We bet you all know Γενιά Του Χάους and Free Yourself; get their LPs now.
Last but not least, we stocked the latest World's Appreciated Kitsch Records
release; WAK035 Πανικός 'Ανατροπή' one-sided 12". This will get sold out
anytime soon, so you better get your copy now.
'News' section once again updated.

Off to Volos, see you there, at the 2nd DIY hardcore / punk fest.

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