12 new titles just entered our HQ.
We proudly distribute one of the best hardcore labels from Poland nowadays,
RATEL RECORDS. Check out some amazing records from bands like
Last Dayz, Powerplay and Deathrow, plus the Very Cool & Very Core comp.
They rule.

We also got a huge package from DEATHWISH INC. Unfortunately, most
of the stuff got sold out before even uploading them in this page.
Nevertheless, a lot of great records, with the latest albums by Rot In Hell,
Rise & Fall and Touche Amore being among them, are still available.

Last but not least, World's Appreciated Kitsch Records release 036,
the DIRTY WOMBS / UNFIT EARTH split 7", is finally available!
Don't miss a great piece of greek crust / hardcore.

Don't forget the struggle.
Don't forget the streets.

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