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Abolition 's/t' LP
Bastions 'Bedfellows part 1: The bastard son' LP
Brutality Will Prevail 'Scatter the ashes' LP
Brutality Will Prevail 'Root of all evil' CD
Coliseum 'Sister faith' LP
Desolated 'Verse of Judas' LP
Full Of Hell / Calm The Fire split 7"
Hang The Bastard '2009-2012' LP + CD
Hang The Bastard 'Hellfire reign' CD
Last Witness 'Mouring after' LP
Make Do And Mend 'Discography' 2LP
Never Again 's/t' LP
Rolo Tomassi 'Eternal youth' 3LP
Strife 'Witness a rebirth' LP
Strife 'Witness a rebirth' CD
This Is Hell 'The enforcer' 7"
Will Haven 'Voir dire' LP

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