-Dirty Money Deal #2-
We offer 10 records every week.
You choose 4, you get 4 & you pay only 3.
For this week, till we empty our stock, we offer the following 7"s:
01. Alone 'Kiss dreams goodbye'
02. Blade 'Lambs to the slaughter'
03. Bleak Reality 'Burden of shame'
04. Dephosphorus / Wake split
05. Eisberg 's/t'
06. Hesitation Wounds 's/t'
07. Keith Richard's Overdose 'Bambino boogie'
08. Light It Up 'Dog days'
09. (The) Smoking Barrels 'Unfinished business'
10. Strength Approach 'Roma hardcore state of mind'

Orders are valid from now till Sunday 2nd Feb.
For prices & orders get in touch:


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