We just received the split 7" between ΕΝ ΨΥΧΡΩ 
from Cyprus and KYFFPACK from Germany.
Fans of d-beat / hardcore / punk should not miss it.

We rarely distribute CDs but this time we made an
exception. SAFE from Italy just released their new
album and our friend Fotis (Beyond This World) is
involved in the production of this along with the
legendary label Youth Crew Records.
Fans of rocking' hardcore / punk rock pay attention!

Moreover, the brand new release by World's Appreciated
Kitsch Records; the 'Shipwreck' 7" by SOUNDKRASH,
is now available. Heavy / brutal hardcore for fans of Harm's
Way, Xibalba, Nasty & Stout.

Last but not least, anyone interested in getting the new 12"
by THE LOWEST should get in touch sooner than soon
because we are only getting 25 copies & almost half of them
are gone.
Choose your color as well. The black vinyl comes with a
limited edition cover. There's also transparent blue & black
/ white colors available. Clear red / smoke color is sold out.

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