We are proud to announce that we start to distribute NY's finest hardcore label,
REAPER RECORDS, with tons of high quality releases
 incl. Terror, Supertouch, Wisdom In Chains and Backtrack among others.
On the other side, we welcome the REACT WITH PROTEST releases in our distro.
RWP is one of the most sincere European hardcore / post - hardcore / screamo labels,
based in Germany. Beau Navire, Titan, Tempest & Loma Prieta can be found in their roster.

Check out the 'News' section to find out what'll be in stock.
Please be fast and pre-order your copies now, so we can reserve them.
We are gonna bring only a small amount of copies of each release.

DEATHWISH INC. & HALO OF FLIES are 2 more labels we are working a deal with.
Stoked as hell.

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