The new season has already started and UPRISING HARDCORE DISTRO
is getting HUGE updates.
First of all, we have a deal with DEATHWISH INC. distribution,
incl. labels as Six Feet Under, Malfunction, Secret Voice, Painkiller & React,
plus Deathwish Inc. of course.
Check out the 'News' section to find out what is in stock and reserve your copies.

UHD can be found at the following shows during the next 10 days:
Bad Trip, Last Rizla, Mother Disobedience // Prapopoulou Squat, Athens
Determination, Against All Odds, Faithreat, The Vagabonds 77 // AN Club, Athens
Haggatha, Hibernation, Eternal Hated // Kallidromiou 94, Athens
Haggatha, Eternal Hated // Prokat 35, Patras

Stay calm and fuck shit up.

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